nasucha3D. S. Barrick is a Canadian cartoonist, illustrator, designer, and educator. His mini-comics efforts have included Skulsi Thatcher (2003 – 2007) and The Day I Wrote Watermelon (1999 – 2001), as well as several collaborations with friend and fellow cartoonist Trevor Jamieson. A new title, Lucky Unlucky (created and written by Scott MacDougall and drawn by Barrick) is currently in development.

This site is intended as a showcase of finished art work, and a repository of miscellaneous sketches and ramblings. It is equal parts model home and cemetery.

Barrick is available to undertake commissioned projects in the areas of cartooning, illustration, and design. Please contact him by using the magic of e-mail (dsbarrick@gmail.com) or Twitter (@THATdsbarrick).


All site contents is copyright © by D. S. Barrick 2014 except where otherwise noted. Unauthorized reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.

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