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All too precious.

Well, this blog has been sitting here empty for longer than I can remember. I can’t recall how long – partially because I have a bad memory – but it has been long enough. The reality is that I’ve made no posts because I am too precious about making things perfect. This, combined with my disposition as a procrastinator, amounts to a whole lot of nothing some of the time. I’m always putting things off to a time when I can get them just right, which is usually never.

So, here’s the first post to mar the blank, boring perfection of this blog. Back in the fall, I designed t-shirts for L. A. Mood Comics & Games in London, Ontario.  They looked like this:


Actually, if you drop by L. A. Mood and buy one, they still look like that, except 3D, and there is an actual shirt attached to the image. More like this:


The design was an old one we’d been bouncing around back when I started work on Skulsi Thatcher (probably 2004-ish). It was rendered in hideous pastel colours and featured a lumpy heart shape that was neither graphically pleasing nor anatomically correct. No wonder we didn’t go ahead with it then. The following image does not feature the aforementioned hideous pastel colours – in this draft I opted for boring pastel colours – but you get the idea:


In any event, I’m pleased with the final results. Go buy one. And look for more blog posts now that I’ve dispensed with any aspiration to perfection.

Visit L. A. Mood Comics & Games at 350 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, and check out their blog here:

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2 responses to “All too precious.”

  1. Carol Vandenberg Avatar

    you are too harsh on yourself, they were never horrendous! I think the version with the heart would make a great tattoo!

    1. dsbarrick Avatar

      Thanks, Carol! For the record, if anyone is considering getting a Skulsi Thatcher or L. A. Mood tattoo, I heartily endorse it!

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