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Free Comic Book Day: May 4th, 2013

According to the Free Comic Book Day web site, there are 47 days until Free Comic Book Day. I have no reason to disbelieve this information, as I have no inclination to actually count for myself. That said, now that spring is on the verge of springing, I am sure that the first Saturday of May will arrive with greater haste than I expect.


On Free Comic Book Day, I will be at L. A. Mood Comics & Games to sign stuff, sketch stuff, give away free stuff (i.e., comics of my own making), and sell stuff. I encourage everyone to come out and join in the festivities; FCBD just seems to get bigger, better, and crazier every year! As the date approaches, I will post more details of my plans, including exactly what cartoony goodness I will give to you as an absolutely free gift if you see me, and what cartoony better-ness I will exchange for cold, hard cash!

This is my first “public appearance” since the February 2007 release of the Skulsi Thatcher hardcover, Sick Sense of Melody, so make plans before I become a recluse again!

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