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Free Comic Book Day Update!

Here is my first substantial news with regards to Free Comic Book Day at L. A. Mood Comics & Games (beyond the fact that I am going to be there)!


On FCBD (Saturday, May 4th, 2013), I will be debuting four new beautiful and spooky signed art prints, featuring my drawings and paintings in a variety of media. These will be the first in a series! These images have never been available for purchase before, nor have they appeared in any of my mini-comics. (Some of you may recognize two of these images from earlier blog posts.) The prints are, clockwise from top, Drac & Frank, Briar Fairy, The Fountain, and Moonshift. I will be posting larger pictures of each print in the coming days. Mark your calendar if you are interested in acquiring one, because Free Comic Book Day will be the day to do it! Special pricing for the set of four will also be available.

Stay tuned for more details, including what I will be giving away for free at L. A. Mood!

L. A. Mood Comics & Games is located at 350 Richmond Street, London, Ontario.

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One response to “Free Comic Book Day Update!”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Awesome looking prints. I’ll be there!

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