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Free Comic Book Day 2014

Monster Series 4 Cards Promo Art Mini

Well, the fateful day has almost arrived! Free Comic Book Day is just around the corner – this coming Saturday, May 3. I will be at L. A. Mood Comics & Games (350 Richmond Street, London, ON) again this year. Look for me in the basement level shortly after the store opens. Last year was a blast, so I hope to see you there!

I will be giving away free trading card-sized prints of the monsters from Monster Series 4, and I will have lots of other goodies like large-scale prints, mini-comics, and t-shirts for sale. There will be 45 different monsters to choose from, so come early and make sure you snag your favourites!

Best of all, I will be joined by writer/creator Scott MacDougall (@thecrookedfloor), so you can sneak a peek at some concept art and ask us all about our new comic book series, Lucky Unlucky, which is currently in development!


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