Hey folks! With Hallowe’en looming in the near future, it seems a perfect time for dsbarrick.com to burst forth from the crypt and, zombie-like, lurch back into action! (Ignore for the moment the illogical notion of a cartoon graveyard rising from the. . . uh. . . grave.)

If you are in Southwestern Ontario (really, if you are anywhere), consider joining us for London’s inaugural Forest City Comicon at Centennial Hall (550 Wellington Street, N6A 3P9) on October 19th (that’s probably today as you read this) between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Scott MacDougall and I will be onhand to chat about our upcoming comic project, Lucky Unlucky. We will in fact have pencilled pages from the book at which you can gander! You can find us at Table 25 on the main level.

Additionally, I will have a Skulsi Thatcher mini-comic for sale (pictured above), featuring comic strips that have long been out of print!

Monster t-shirts: yes, you heard, or rather read, right! We are going to be launching a series of t-shirts featuring images from Monster Series 4! Which images, you ask? We will be starting with the most popular monsters as selected by visitors to our table at Forest City Comicon! Stay tuned to this blog for an announcement in the next few days about the initial crop of t-shirt designs. When we get ready to launch the second set of monster t-shirts, I will be polling the kind visitors to this site, so get ready to put on your voting hat!

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