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An archival reject


Today, we’re delving into the archives. By “archives,” I mean a big Rubbermaid container filled with random paper that up until recently resided in my parents’ basement. The contents of the box comprises old art work, magazine clippings, and the cards from Masters of the Universe action figures (among other things).

I drew this picture as part of a series of monster cartoons in 2001, but rejected it from the final collection of eighty drawings because it felt too similar to a character named P. J. Jenkins that my brother had created when we were kids. Looking at it now, it also reminds me a lot of Gumby. This little fella is named “Jones” according to my note on the back of the drawing, but my brother wants me to officially change his name to “Reject.”

This image, and the others in the series, were created with a refillable brush-pen (Pentel brand, I believe.)

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One response to “An archival reject”

  1. I.B. Trollin Avatar
    I.B. Trollin

    He is like the perfect embodiment of the concept of “Reject” descended from Plato’s Realm of Forms. For his own sake, I hope he doesn’t keep any mirrors in his house!

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