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Today I’ll discuss in more detail the process of creating one of the four 11” x 14” art prints I will be debuting on Free Comic Book Day at L. A. Mood Comics & Games this Saturday. I’m particularly pleased with the variety of media I used to create these images. Moonshift started off as a pencil sketch on paper:


At the time, Andrew Di Lullo and I were bouncing around the idea of creating unique token creature cards to make available at L. A. Mood for use with Magic: The Gathering. I started work on a number of ideas, but only completed two mock-ups. Moonshift was one of these, intended for a zombie token.

After roughing out the pencils, I scanned the image and added greyscale textures and values in Photoshop:


The next step was to digitally colourize parts of the image:


Finally, I worked on building the background and contrast levels to their final appearance:


Here is the final Moonshift artwork, with border, as it will appear in 11” x 14” printed form. Come get one signed at Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 4th at L. A. Mood Comics & Games, 350 Richmond Street, London ON!


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