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Parallel universes extending beyond the realm of physical reality.

The title of today’s post is a fancy way of saying, “Here’s a comic strip that would take place in a fictitious universe parallel to the also fictitious universe in which most of the Skulsi Thatcher strips take place.” Interestingly, Skulsi Thatcher takes place in an alternate reality version of London, Ontario, in which the characters exist and I do not.

This comic is, of course, a revised version of the second Skulsi Thatcher strip which I posted this past Saturday. The addition of Charlie’s line in the first panel is to clarify the context so the strip can more easily stand on its own, without the preceding entry of the storyline. In the second panel, Charlie refers to Naomi retrieving her can of cola rather than her change. . . I realized that this is more likely the desired outcome of kicking a vending machine. At this time I was also experimenting with drawing the strip at smaller dimensions while retaining the size of the lettering, to force myself to streamline the dialogue and bring legibility and brevity more in line with standard newspaper comic strips (I have several other partially completed, unpublished strips in this format, but have since decided that I prefer the original format). Finally, parallel dimension Naomi has argyle in her wardrobe.

Reproduction of this image in any form is strictly prohibited.

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