This is the third and final strip of the cola machine story line. If I recall correctly, I had at one point planned on continuing the plot. . . I believe the next strip would have been about Naomi in the dean’s waiting room. Instead, I included an unrelated one-liner strip to round out the first mini-comic. I think I rushed to put together One Two Three Four so that I could submit it to a fundraising show at the Forest City Gallery in December of 2003. I believe they sold four copies of it. Half the proceeds went to them, and I got a cheque for $1.50, which was too hilarious a memento to cash. I viewed keeping the cheque as being in the same vein as the tradition of keeping the first dollar made at a new business.

This strip was drawn in November, and the snowy backgrounds reflect that. Panel 3 is still one of my favourite panels in the entire run of the strip.

Reproduction of this image in any form is strictly prohibited.

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