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Drive-In Skulsi Saturday


A later than usual Skulsi Saturday entry this week. This strip marks the beginning of No Slow Dancing, which is by far the longest Skulsi Thatcher storyline: it comprises sixteen strips, a full quarter of the Sick Sense of Melody compilation. At the time, my plan was to follow No Slow Dancing with more 16-page mini-comics. In fact, the indicia for No Slow Dancing designates it as “Skulsi Thatcher Volume 1, Issue 1,” as if One Two Three Four didn’t exist. As it turned out, I would return to the 4-page format (with smaller dimensions) for all but one of the following issues (Coleridge was eight pages long).

Note that Naomi is listening to Aladdin Sane. 2013 marks the fortieth anniversary of that album’s release.

Reproduction of this image in any form is strictly prohibited.

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