As I would hope any rational and compassionate human being would be, I am completely opposed to bullying in whatever guise it takes. I am occasionally disheartened that, despite the intensive efforts of our educational system to raise awareness of bullying and change attitudes about it, bullying behaviour is, at times, ignored or minimized in the adult world. . . to the point of protecting or rewarding bullies in some cases. It’s an ongoing struggle to challenge both children and adults to examine the ways they participate, or are complicit, in acts of bullying, and then urge them to break free from these (sometimes profoundly) hurtful cycles.

I want to make clear my position on bullying before presenting this somewhat flippant satire of bullying behaviours. I do not wish to minimize anyone’s experience with this issue and hope this cartoon comes across as a funhouse mirror held to a serious and ongoing problem in our society.



Postscript: the fellow with the t-shirt reminds me of that most famous of comic book bullies, Flash Thompson, as represented in Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-Man (not the actual comic book version of Flash).

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