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Saturday night’s all right for. . . uh, posting?


This week’s Skulsi Saturday has Naomi and Charlie continuing their discussion in whatever locale to which the bus took them (heaven knows where that may be). Panel 2 illustrates one of the visual elements I like most about the strip: the characters are quite different not only in appearance, but also height. Characters of contrasting scale was a device I hadn’t played with before Skulsi Thatcher, and I think it adds both a point of visual interest and a little more realism.

That said, Skulsi Thatcher, though far from realist in tone, includes far more real-world, grounding details than any of my other work. This is one of its greatest strengths.

The silent beat before the final panel of the strip is a common pacing device in much of my work. I used it in a much more exaggerated manner in The Day I Wrote Watermelon.

This entry in the series reminds me that Charlie’s appearance gelled much more quickly than Naomi’s. She’s a tricky character for me to draw at times.

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