You can still rate my Tegan and Sara t-shirt design on the Threadless web site HERE. Please help me out! Rate it, comment on it, share it, tweet it, reblog it, Google+ it, Facebook it, distribute copies of it on the bus to total strangers, etc. It appears that I was wrong and you can actually participate today, tomorrow, and Thursday, but don’t be a procrastinator! Do it now!



These are the pencils for my cartoon take on the Quins. I will be posting the uncoloured inks soon. For the record, I am substantially happier with the penciled version of Tegan (top) than the inked version, and I am marginally happier with the inked version of Sara (bottom) than the penciled version.

Sometimes, there are subtleties to the pencils that don’t quite survive inking. At times this causes me great despair and/or apprehension.

Check out Heartthrob here.

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