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The longest road.


Today is the eve of International Tabletop Day! Join in the fun tomorrow at your friendly local game store. Today’s image from the London (ON) Tabletop Day Game Crawl map is a wee section of the board in Klaus Teuber’s 1995 classic, Settlers of Catan. Watch Wil Wheaton play Settlers of Catan here, and Star Trek Catan here!

You can get involved with Tabletop Day in London by visiting the following venues:
L. A. Mood Comics and Games (350 Richmond Street)
Uber Cool Stuff (123 Carling Street/122 Dundas Street)
The Game Chamber (1700 Dundas Street, Unit 2)
London Public Library, Central Branch (251 Dundas Street)
Project Play (upstairs at Western Fair Farmer’s Market, 900 King Street)

You can read more about my involvement with the Game Crawl map here.

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